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Chronic Migraine

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Chronic migraine is debilitating, causing 15 or more headache days a month. But there’s hope. At Valley Neurology in Spokane Valley, Washington, Wade Steeves, MD, is an expert at diagnosing and treating all types of headaches, including chronic migraine. He customizes plans using the most up-to-date treatment options so you get the best relief from your chronic migraine pain. Call the office today or request your chronic migraine consultation online. 

Chronic Migraine Q&A

What is chronic migraine?

If you have 15 or more migraine headache days in a 30-day period, then you have chronic migraine headaches. Most people with chronic migraines initially start with infrequent episodes of head pain that gradually become more frequent over time. 


Migraines are a common chronic headache that causes moderate to severe head pain. It’s estimated that up to 5% of people in the United States have chronic migraine headaches. 


Valley Neurology is a leading provider for chronic migraine pain. If you have frequent migraine headaches that affect your ability to manage your daily routine, schedule an appointment at Valley Neurology.

What causes a chronic migraine?

Researchers are still investigating what causes someone to develop chronic migraines. However, they theorize the increase in headache frequency may occur from numerous factors, such as:


  • Medication overuse
  • Mood disorders
  • Consuming too much caffeine
  • Stress
  • Poor sleep habits
  • History of emotional or physical trauma


Symptoms of chronic migraine are the same as those who experience episodic migraine. Your migraine may occur in stages, first causing fatigue or food cravings, then head pain. Some people with migraines experience auras (flashes of light), nausea, or vomiting. 


However, with chronic migraine, the episodes are more frequent and disruptive to daily life.

What happens during a chronic migraine evaluation?

You can expect a patient-centered evaluation when you visit Valley Neurology for a chronic migraine evaluation. The skilled neurologists want to fully understand your health concerns to create the most effective treatment plan.


Your provider at Valley Neurology reviews your symptoms and medical history and does a physical and neurological exam. They may request you keep a headache diary to identify your head pain triggers, which they use when developing your treatment plan.


The neurologists may also run blood work or imaging tests to rule out other health issues that might explain your symptoms.

What are the treatments for chronic migraine headaches?

Your provider at Valley Neurology creates a personalized plan for chronic migraine headaches based on the severity of your pain, co-occurring symptoms, and personal goals. They work closely with you, designing a plan that provides the best relief.


Your chronic migraine treatment plan may include medications to treat acute pain and medications and lifestyle modifications to prevent headaches from occurring. Valley Neurology also provides Botox® injections for people with chronic migraine. 


For expert chronic migraine care, call Valley Neurology or schedule an appointment online today.